About Me

Fredric Baeckström
Fredric Baeckström / Software Developer

My journey began with an Commodore Amiga 500 which came to start my passion for computers, as a start it was all about games but later on I realized I wanted to develop my own applications, create my own solutions to problems I had right in front of me. Now many years later I'm a software developer doing just that. My passion for games still exists and on my spare time developing my very own game.


I have had the opportunity to work for the following companies over the years which has led me to where I am today.

  • 2020
  • IT Consultant

    Consid AB
    2015 - today

    Consultant in development and delivery of customized solutions.

    Management and maintenance of existing systems has been delivered to customers.

  • Software Developer

    Opera software
    2007 - 2015

    Responsible for development and delivery of the Opera Mini web browser to our customers

    Co-branding, content and configuration updates to the 250 million users and our mobile operator customers worldwide.

    Developing internal system and administrate servers has been an important part of my duties to ease the delivery from customer to end user.

  • Web Developer

    ConDoor Group AB
    2006 - 2007

    Design and development of the company websites


    Development of internal transport system with connection to transport companies.

  • Web Developer

    Swedlandia AB
    2004 - 2005

    Design and development of the company websites


  • Web Developer / Web Designer

    World Wide Medic AB
    2001 - 2001

    Design and development of the company websites


  • Security Analyst

    Alldas IT Security Information Network
    1998 - 1999

    Performance of vulnerability assessments and penetration tests on the server stations for operating systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows.


    Research and reverse engineering of possible vulnerable binaries and applications.