Shattered Planet PC Savegame Decrypter / Encrypter

I noticed that the save data from this game was unreadable (encrypted) so i figured i would try to reverse engineer this to be able to see what data is actually saved from the game. I ended up in writing an application to decrypt and encrypt the save data from the game. The tool supports files like  Assassin.sav , BootSave.sav , DataLogEnc.sav , globalDataEnc.sav , heroEnc.sav and Renegade.sav . The tool support save games from version 2.1.1 of the game and perhaps prior versions as well but probably the encryption key will be updated on future releases to avoid tampering with your save games.

Here is an example of assassin.sav file.

Encrypted data:


Decrypted data:

{strength : 10, wits : 10, maxHealth : 100, abilityLevel : 0, maxAbilityUses : 1, level : 1}


Download the latest version here.

Save game data location

OS Location
Windows %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Shattered Planet\.sav
OS X  Unknown
Linux  Unknown

Posted in Research, Development on Dec 16, 2014


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